La véridique légende du sous-commandant Marcos (1995) (en)

La véridique légende du sous-commandant Marcos 1995

La véridique légende du sous-commandant Marcos Download - Since the insurrection of January 1st, 1994, when thousands of Mayan Indians from the ELZN, the Zapatista National Liberation Army, occupied four villages in Chiapas by surprise to demand "justice, liberty and democraty", something has broken in Mexico. In this film, we discover right from the mouth of Commander Marcos the extraordinary story of this democratic and pacifist guerrilla movement : its secret "birth" in the depths of the mountains in 1984, the slow metamorphosis of his ideas and those of the movement through contact with the Indian culture and its dreams, its despair, its life. We see how a small group descended from guerillas of the 1970's transformed itself into an army of thousands of insurgents ready to die for their dignity, for finally being heard, for their country's recognition of their existence and their rights.
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