Kuldeepak (कुलदीपक) (1990) (en)

Kuldeepak (कुलदीपक) 1990

Kuldeepak (कुलदीपक) Download - Shyam returns from London and Rao Saheb hands him all the business.Janradhan and employee of Raosaheb who eyes his chair creates a rift between the the two as Shyam considers his employee at the top.He loves Kiran whose daughter of Bhau Kasbe an old rival of Raosaheb ,Janardhan tells him that she is the reason behind Shyam's change.Kiran and Shyam get married with blessings of her cousin Raja but Raosaheb disowns them and they start living separately and Janardhan takes advantage of the rift and kills Shyam.But Kiran soon delivers a baby boy named Deepak years later Raosaheb comes across him and wants to take his custody.
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