The Captives (1970) (en)

Slogan: They are a side of today's society filled with confusion and hate, untouched by fear. They were capable of taking two innocent adults and turning them into...THE CAPTIVES

The Captives 1970

The Captives Download - Max C. Kragh, a wealthy industrialist, and his wife Edith are traveling through the hills of Denmark heading toward their weekend retreat, when they see a young girl, Avi, thumbing for a ride. They stop for the girl, and suddenly Max is pulled from the car by two of Avi’s friends, Steen and Jorgen, while Liala watches happily from the other side of the road. Half crazed with drugs, the young folks kidnap Max and Edith and break into an unoccupied house. Now the hidden, depraved thoughts of the young people are brought out into the open. The night becomes an orgy of lust and terror for Max and Edith, who are subjected to countless indignities.
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